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Kandam 1 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 1) - General Report

This is more similar to a summed up report that introduces an outline of how a man will lead his/her life and with what character. The name of the individual, guardians, kin, mate, kids, calling and the life expectancy are a piece of this perusing. The part is assigned to outline future expectations for all the 12 houses in the horoscope of a man in light of the planetary positions at the season of birth as said in the Nadi leaf.

Kandam 2 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 2) – Education, Earnings, Assets

The insights about Native's Education, Wealth and Family Life are talked about in this part. The perusing makes exceptional reference to the energy of visual perception and the capacity to express through discourse related data.

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Kandam 3 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 3) – Siblings

The part predicts the quantity of siblings and sisters of the Native and about the relationship and sentiments that one might be related with regards to kin. The negative and positive angles are altogether depicted here.

Kandam 4 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 4) – Mother Influence, Assets and Fortune

It is certain that there is nothing as extraordinary as Mother's impact in a tyke's life independent of geographic limits. The part has data about the part and impact of Mother in the life of the Native, the advantages and issues. The kandam is additionally about the material solaces and accomplishments of Native, house, vehicles, land and fortune claimed and different accomplishments.

Kandam 5 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 5) – Off-Springs

Love is one awesome motivation behind why life exists on Earth. The morals of parenthood and the flow of reproduction can be very intriguing and satisfying. The section has data about youngsters throughout one's life like life expectancy, accomplishments, issues, execution when all is said in done, demise and the therapeutic measures for any issues related. It suggests whether the Native will have youngsters or not.

Kandam 6 (Nadi Shastra Chapter 6) – Disease, Debt and Enemies

The hopelessness of monetary hardships, torment from a genuine restorative condition or illness, impdening threats from adversaries and case or court cases; the section contains nitty gritty data about such disasters throughout one's life and is decoded only for Native and the causes, length of anguish is anticipated and certain therapeutic measures are recommended to stay away from such accidents. Positive measures are disclosed to make progress stuck in an unfortunate situation.

Kandam 7(Naadi Shastra Chapter 7) – Married Life

Who might not have any desire to know the puzzles that encompass the conjugal life and experience the delight of being an extraordinary couple? Here, the data about your marriage like the place, time of marriage regarding when it would happen, the similarity elements, purposes behind postponement in getting hitched, clashes with mate are altogether definite in the section.

Kandam 8 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 8) – Life Span

Life and passing are the things that are regular to each individual on this planet. Be that as it may, how can it happen? Inquiries concerning life expectancy, life span, threats that could force sudden passing are replied in this section.

Kandam 9 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 9) – Father, Worship, Wealth

This is not about qualities, inherited characteristics or DNA. In any case, yet it is about legacy of riches, property from predecessors and father. The way of profound slants, data about sanctuary visits, deeds of philanthropy, fortunes are uncovered in this part.

Kandam 10 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 10) – Business

For anybody living in today's cutting edge and hyper associated world, proficient life is of fundamental significance. The part enables you with data about occupations that you seek after, organizations that you set up, and benefits that these would bring, and predicts your experiences in calling life.

Kandam 11 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 11) – Vehicular Profit, Second Marriage

It is about change and it is about pushing forward. The inquiries regarding benefit from movement vehicles are answered.The decency of life can some of the time be comprehended or acknowledged in a more inconspicuous manner through remarriage. The part contains data and proposals concerning second marriage.

KANDAM 12 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 12) – Expenses, Foreign Visit, Rebirth, Salvation

This part points of interest the use of cash, the chance of making a trip to a remote country, and inquiries regarding what the future birth holds for you and clarifies the method for Salvation or Moksha is accomplished.

KANDAM 13 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 13) – Santhipariharam

Here and there, things may not be in our control and it is hard to know whom to look to. The part contains the data about the wrongdoings submitted in past or past birth, and recommends medicinal measures for disposing of the undesirable impacts to build up concordance in life.

KANDAM 14 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 14) – Deekshai Kandam

This is about the emphasis on otherworldly existence. Droning or Mantra Jepam, counsel on wearing Raksha or Talisman to shoo away the inconveniences and adversaries and maintain a strategic distance from the evil impacts ; all such data is contained in this section.

KANDAM 15 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 15) – Aushadha Kandam

This is the section concerning the prescriptions utilized for long standing or stiff-necked illnesses and the strategies or method of taking them.

KANDAM 16 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 16) - Disabukthi Kandam

The part is about bearings and includes forecasts for and about the planetary periods and sub periods alongside the impacts they create attributable to the change in planetary positions with time.


* Kandams 2 to 12 will give the future predictions of different aspects of life upto the end of life from the date of perusal of the kandam.
* Special kandams viz sivanadi thulliam & sivanadi sukshmam are also available. Because of their specialized nature and elaborate details, fees will be higher. For success in politics and political connection specail kandam is available. Other than the above kandams there are gnanakandam. Prasana kandam and disabukthi santhi kandam.
* Should get prior date of appointment by post.available timings 9am to 9pm.