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Navagraha Temple Tour Route Map

Here is the connection to sanctuary course outline the voyagers going to Navagraha sanctuaries in Tamilnadu. [1] You can base this place to visit 4 (Four) of the NAVAGRAHA STHALAM's namely
Vaitheeshwaran Koil - MARS - ANGARAKAN 0 km - Thirunallar - SATURN - SHANI BHAGWAN - 45 km - Kezha Perumpallam - KEDHU 25 km - Thiruvengadu - BUDHAN 20 km
and all NAVAGRAHA STHALAMs are located in one temple. That is Suryanaar Temple, Which is located 25km from Kumbakonam. Direction of the Suryanar temple faces west. written by anand.
and also - Thirukkadaiyur - Abhirami (for 60th/ 70th and 80th Birthday Celebrations too)
You can finish all in a day. Complete Vaitheeswaran Koil in the morning. Between 1PM-4PM most temples are closed. After lunch you can take a cab for Thirunallar, say at 3PM and reach Thirunallar in time. Then you can reach Karaikal. (Ensure the Cab you fix has both Tamil Nadu and Pondycherry permits as Karaikal, Thirunallar fall in Pondycherry).
Then you can finish a circle with Thirukadaiyur, Tiruvengadu & Kezha Permupallam (Keela Perumpallam)

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The Temple Beautiful

Tirupulliruku Velur, prevalently known as Vaitheeswaran Koil, is a standout amongst the most essential Saivite places of worship of Tanjore District. Arranged on the northern side of the stream Kaveri, Vaitheeswaran Koil is a railroad station on the Madras-Mayavaram line. There are a few choultries at Vaithee-swaran Koil for the convenience of explorers. This place of worship is known under a few names like lalayapuri, Vedapuri, Panarapuri, Pathiripuri, Angarakapuram and Ambikapuram. In any case, Vaitheeswaran Koil is the well known name as it is said that God came as a Vaidya and cured Angaraka of his uncleanliness.

The delightful sanctuary is encased inside tall stone dividers and is in the focal point of the town. In the east and western sides of the sanctuary, there are enormous lofty towers and there is one little tower on the back side of the sanctuary. There are two major passages and separate internal halls for the sanctuary of God and Goddess. The Deity cherished here is known as Vaidyanatha Eswarar and Goddess is Tayyalnayaki Devi. There are numerous minor divinities along the passages of the sanctuary. As you enter from the western passageway you see two Dhwajastambha (columns), one of gold and the other of silver, and east of the western external hallway there is the divinity Kumara Guruparaswami and in the northern passageway Selvamuttukumaraswami is revered in a little sanctuary enhanced with a little tower.

Food Facilities

There are some good eateries here, but you get only South Indian food.
• Sri Thaiyal Nayaki Vilas Hotel near the main entrance of the temple. It's a old traditonal Brahmin's Hotel.
• Hotel Sadhabhishekam provides Decent food, and really pretty surroundings.
• Hotel Amman near Sri Thaiyal Nayaki Vilas Hotel. solid traditional non brahmin hotel


water available in 24/7


Sadhabishegam Hotel sustenance is great. Registration Check-out is 24 hrs and not 12 to 12. So make sure you check in late in the event that you have an associating train or transport following day. The place is at the focal point of 4 of the 9 Navagraha Sthala's. Charges are around 900 every day and they don't serve Food/Snacks @ your room. Just Coffee/Tea/Milk. The rooms are Ok thus too are the Toilets. The lodging takes after strict planning on Breakfast/Dinner and Lunch. Generally Lunch room is pressed @ 1PM. Mob: +91 99943 64838, 89397 42216, 82205 23437 - Rent Non A/C 999 to 2000, A/C 1500 to 2550

Sri Thaila Lodge, Amman Sannathi. Mobile: +91 99943 64838, 89397 42216, 82205 23437, Who is care persons for all your need like to making arrangements for poojas and Travel.

Sri Vishwa Lodge, Amman Sannathi, Vaitheeswarankoil. Mobile: +91 99943 64838, 89397 42216, 82205 23437, who is friendly and gives a helping hand for anything you may require.

Sri Guru Lodge, Amman Sannathi, Vaitheeswarankoil, Nagai District, Mobile: +91 99943 64838, 89397 42216, 82205 23437 , Who is care person for all your need like for making arrangements for poojas and Travel.